Auxill Sonic Systems

Within forseeable time one will be obligated by law (starting in Europe) to recycle irrigation water. Recycled water contains high concentrations of plant nutrients and are therefore a good medium for algea and fungi. The distance which has to be taken by ultrasonic waves is of decisive importance, not the water volume. The speed in which the algea will be demolished depends on the type and the distance of algea. One thing is certain: at this moment there is no ultrasonic system that operates as fast as the Auxill Sonic. In many industrial applications disinfection it is practically a must to demolish bacteria and fungi present in the water. Unfortunately the presence of algea makes disinfecting the water difficult. More energy is needed to emliminate the algea so that other techniques can be applied as they should. The Auxill Sonic solves this problem by taking care of the algea so other techniques can do their job disinfecting the water effectively. An extra advantage is the decrease of power use. This depends on the chosen technique. The cover of the transductor of the Auxill Sonic is constructed in a way that the transductor touches the bottom or that the container can not be closed at the radiation side.

Market opportunities

The most significant market for the Auxill Sonic is the horticulture industry, plant, flower, fruit, vegetable farmers etc., where algea clog parts of the installation using water for irrigation, showering, spraying etc.

Other applications

  • Lakes and ponds
  • Swimming pools (Olympic measurements)
  • Drinking water storage rooms
  • Cooling towers
  • Water cleaning systems
  • Water reuse containers
  • Waste water reuse factories
Sonic systems

Finally, in combination with other techniques (desinfection for example), better results can be obtained in a simple manner.