Automatic Disc Scraper

The ADS Filter is a self cleaning filter which filters solids out of fluid. The filter materials you can choose from are perforated plate, wegde wire element of our new alternative: sintered metal.


Chemical industry

  • ammonia
  • solvents
  • softening agents
  • glycols
  • adhesives
  • chemical base materials
  • suspensions
  • lye’s
  • waste liquids etc.
  • washing liquids
  • distillation and reaction fluids
  • surfactants
  • for preliminary and coarse filtering
  • upstream of distillation columns
  • reactors, flue gas scrubbers
  • pumps
  • fine filter
  • filling plants
  • Paint and color industry
  • varnishes
  • dispersions
  • coatings
  • tar products
  • agents

Mineral oil industry

  • oils
  • greases
  • solvents
  • waste oils
  • diesel oils
  • lubricating oils
  • heating oils
  • heat trasfer fluids
  • reclaimed oils
  • salt water
  • lime processes

Car industry & metalworking

  • degreasing baths
  • cooling liquids
  • lubrication liquids
  • greases
  • cooling water
  • washing and scrubbing water
  • process water
  • water from cutting processes

Food industry

  • sweets
  • dairy products
  • fats
  • flavors
  • concentrates
  • treacle’s

Plastic industry

  • base products
  • PVC- and PU-pastes
  • rubber products
  • sillicones

Paint and color industry

  • varnishes
  • dispersions
  • coatings
  • tar products
  • agents

Beverage industry

  • wineries (must filtration)
  • breweries
  • distilleries

Cosmetic industry

  • soaps
  • fats
  • essences
  • tooth pastes

Plus many other applications in the electro, optic, pulp & paper, leather and sugar industry.


  • Filters from 0,5 µ to 3 mm available
  • Minimum material quality is SS 316L
  • Maximal temperature up to 50 ºC or more (optional)
  • High differential pressure up to 5 bar
  • Inside – outside filtration
  • No product contamination
  • Purging by pinch-or butterfly valves
  • Taylor made execution possible
  • ATEX proff because of complete pneumatic system
  • Self cleaning
  • Easy installation
  • Remote controllable.


  • No cartridge use
  • No waste or disposal of filter cartridges
  • Minimal product loss during purging
  • No interruption of production process
  • Easy to dismount and inspect
  • May be used for all kinds of liquid
  • Low operating costs
  • Solidly built filter housing
  • Limited maintenance, uncomplicated and reliable design
  • Filtration level 2 µ – 3 mm
  • Continuous cleaning of the filter surface ensures minimum pressure drop
  • The use of different construction materials and equipment facilitates application opportunities for the filter in any field of industry
  • When installed before pumps or other equipment, the filter will extend the life of such components and will prolong the service line of fine filters
  • Large flow possible by using manifolds.

Filter opties

Sintered metal

Wedge wire element

Perforated plate

ADS Filter of sintered metal

Sintered metal is a new kind of filter material used with the ADS Filter. It is made of pressed metal powder, for example, SS, titamium, hastelloy or monel. It has a filter fineness range of 0,5 – 200 µ. Where ever filter media or flocculants were used with a filter fineness of < 15 µ, we now have a ecofriendly alternative.

Advantages ADS Filter of sintered metal

  • No need of filter media or flocculants
  • Low power use
  • Sustainable
  • Self cleaning
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • No process interruption
  • Able to work with large flows
  • Installed before pumps and other equipment it may prolong their operational life.
Specifications ADS Filters
Measurement 2380 mm
Design pressure 16 bar, higher is optional
Test pressure 24 bar
Design temperature 50 ºC, higher is optional
Tank volume 0,08m³
Weight 165 kg
In,-outlet DN 150 PN 16
Purge outlet DN 64 PN 16
Vent outlet DN 25 PN 16
Rinsing inlet DN 25 PN 16
Filter element dimensions D=200mm L=750mm( L=1.000 is optional)