Purge Control System

Auxill Nederland offers a service to order a Purge Control System, in a simple and fast way. Below you find a number of options which apply various products of Auxill Nederland.

Product description

1 Polyester control cabinet size hxwxd = 200x220x120 mm, equipped with a door including hings.

A basic cabinet consist of:

  • 1 polyester cabinet PD 200
  • 1 mounting plate from PD 200
  • 1 installation automatic 1p + N 6A (used as a main switch)
  • 1 earth terminal USLKG5N
  • 1 transformator 230 V-24 VAC 50 Watt
  • 1 glass fuse for security transformer
  • 1 schedule label on the inside of the cabinet
  • 1 type label on the outside of the cabinet
  • equipped with glandes, weiring ducts, DIN-rail and wiring
  • complete mounted

A pressure sensor consists of:

  • 1 pressure sensor fabr. Endress & Hauser type: PTC31 with solidstate output
  • the leg of the output to set a minimum pressure may be turned in a maximum pressure
  • implementation with M12-connector
  • 10 meter PUR cable with M12-connector cast
  • 1 interfase relais PLC-RSC 24VDC for output
  • 1 stabilized mini implementation 230 VAC/24 VDC – 1 amp. for power pressure sensor
  • 4 rail terminals UK5-N
  • including mounting in the basic cabinet.


A valve consists of:

  • 1 pneumatic 3/2 valve, coil voltage 24 VAC, type SCE 374A017 MS

A timer consists of:

  • 1 puls interval timer with a separate pulse/interval time-setting voltage 24 VAC
  • time imposing 50 mSec up to 10 days for the both the pulse as the interval adjustments
  • including mounting in the basic cabinet.
Basic cabinet with timer 305-PCS-KT
Basic cabinet with timer & pressure sensor 305-PCS-KTD
Basic cabinet with timer & pressure sensor & electro pneumatic valve 305-PCS-KTDV
Basic cabinet with pressure sensor 305-PCS-KD
Basic cabinet with pressure sensor & pneumatic valve 305-PCS-KDV