Self-cleaning Suctionstrainers

The SCS self cleaning intake screen is used when there is a need to filter out floating debris in water intake systems, that could block the water flow or clog up pumps and water distribution systems. The SCS self cleaning suction strainer is a constantly rotating intake screen. The rotating movement is maintained by diverting a small amount of the total flow back into the strainer. This pressure flow will flush the debris off the screen and force the strainer into its rotating movement. If the pump pressure is too low, or in case of gravity feed, an auxiliary booster pump is recommended to supply the cleaning flow rate.


  • The suction pipe has the same length as the strainer.
  • Bearing wheels and wheel bushings provide an easy rotation with minimal torque.
  • Can be used in any position.
  • Standard mesh is 2.5 mm (aluminium screen).
  • 1 mm and 0.6 mm stainless steel mesh screens are also available.
  • Maximum flow rate per unit is 670 m3/h. For higher flowrates, manifolding is possible.


SCS Strainers are built from strong and lightweight materials with a long working life.

  • Ultraviolet stabilised high density polyethylene
  • PVC
  • Epoxy coated aluminium screen (SS 316L screen in option)
  • Bolts and fasteners in stainless steel
  • UHMW bushings & bearings
  • Teflon self lubricating sea.


  • Irrigation systems
  • Rain systems for golf courses, tennis courts, sporting fields etc.
  • Dewatering systems
  • Desalting plants
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Heat exchange system.


The diverted backwash flow feeds the spray nozzles which have two functions:

  • the impact causes the screen to rotate, at a speed of about 20 RPM
  • the force and velocity of the jets blows the solids away from the screen.

The jets are stationary and they create a directional flow, which carries the debris away from the screen.

Multiple system of self-cleaning aanzuigkorven.

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