ECA Water Treatment

ECA concerns a water treatment system which replaces chemicals used for demolishing micro-organism. The operation of this system is based on the so-called Electro Chemical Activation (ECA). The most essential characteristics of this system are its ecofriendliness and its economical features. Therefore it could be very ineteresting both economically and ecologically, because this system replaces the chemical used to kill bacteria and fungus, generally used in agriculture. Furthermore this system can be put to use to demolish certain organic compounds, mainly pesticides, used frequently in agriculture, and prevent environmental overload. The systems efficiency and effectiveness has been proven in several foreign researches and applications. Results of research performed in the Netherlands have also been positive. Tests have been performed according to EN 1276 and EN 1650. At this very moment Shell Gobal Solutions BV uses the ECA for the production of drinking water.

General information

Electro Chemical Activation originates from space travel technology. The technique contains a reactor, also called an electrolytic cel. The cel produces two dissolutions: AquanoxX® and CaruxX®. To produce the dissolutions, normal water added with a salt solution has been used. Those combined with a very low power consumption of only 6 Watt per litre of produced dissolution one has a very economical and ecofriendly alternative to chemicals, and a very short paback period. The ECA proces has, surpisingly enough, no unfavourable side effects, which is unique in the water treatment industry. The produced dissolutions are CaruxX®, with very extracting capacities, and AquanoxX®, with very biocide capacities (only effective against any form of micro-organism). Both have many applications.


The AquanoxX® is procudes in the anode chamber and the CaruxX® in the cathode chamber. The dissolutions are kept separate by a diaphragm. Each microvolume of water makes contact with the surface of the rutheniumoxide and titanium electrodes during transit. The intensity of the electrical field reaches some million Volts per cm. The zirkoniumoxide diaphragm prevents the dissolutions from mixing, but it is permeable for ion transfer in the electrical field among anode and cathode. This results in loosening and rearanging the structural matrix of the hydrogen atoms. It enables the water to accelerate the metabolism and to remove the so-called ‘slags’ in biochemical processes. This way energy will be transported to the molecules in the water. When these molecules relapse to their original energetic state energy will be released in the form of free redicals, which cause the operation, like the break down of micro-organism and organic compounds like pesticides. This action is not caused by chemical components (present in natural amounts), but by the formation of free redicals which take care of the distruction of micro-organism and certain organic compounds. The principle corresponds with the principle of UV-light, and therefore explains the environmental capacities. The CaruxX® dissolution is enriched with high active decomposers: OH-, H3O2-, H2O2-, H2. This leads to the formation of unsolvable hydroxides of inorganic substances, like heavy metals. These are being transformed into stability and biologically inactive state and are therefore no longer toxic. This proces of flaking of solved substances even enables the filtering of unwanted matter out of the water in a simple way. Therefore the waste water can be reused in a simple way.

Main applications

With almost every application the dissolution will be added to the water, through wich the water amount (or the dissolution) actually to be treated, becomes much larger than the first production. This dissolution may vary from 1:1000. There are many applications. Below you will find the most significant ones.

Drinking water and other treatment

Drinking water: making water suitable for consumption we have two kinds of water to treat: high quality well water contaminated with micro-organism (virus, bacteria, algea or fungus) or heavy metals for example, and dirty water, like surface water, seawater or waste water (effluent). Relatively high quality water can be treated as follows: when the water is polluted with heavy metals, CaruxX® will be added after filtering the sediment. The heavy metals will oxidize and become harmless. Next AquanoxX® will be added (in most cases to 1:1000, unless the water is contaminated heavily) to eliminate any form of micro-organism. This dosage replaces treatment like chloranation and has a residue value in order to prevent recontamination during transportation.

Chemicals are no longer needed, so the system is beneficial for your health as well as for the finances. Where health is concerned there also is the advantage of the lack of by-products, because ECA does not use chemicals like chlorine which, in contact with organic matter, can create by-products that may cause cancer.

The biocide capacity of AquanoxX® is around five times larger than with chlorinanation. Total distruction of harmfull micro-organism is guaranteed, while harmfull chemical or their by-products will not be present in the water. Overaging is not possible. Protective measurements are not necessary, not even for those who come in contact with the dissolution.

Another essential advantage of AquanoxX® is that is does not damage the filter, like micro-, ultra filtration and Reserve Osmosis. The dissolution replaces chemicals that do damage the filter. Therefore it is cost-effective and prevents the necessarily outlet of rinse water containing chemicals.

Waste water treatment: waste water, or sludge, can contain chemicals of matter like heavy metals. In the last case, the sludge can be dosed with CaruxX® to oxidize the heavy metals and filter the particles from the water. AquanoxX® can be added to destroy certain chemicals, like pesticides. Next AquanoxX® can eliminate all micro-organism present. This makes it suitable for follow-up treatment of waste water coming from conventional (biological) sewage treatment plants. The water will be safe for reuse, like irrigation, and prevents unwanted stench from developing caused by bacteria. This process is exceptionally economical and ecofriendly because of prevention of harmfull matter polluting the environment.

Fruit & vegetables: after harvesting, fruit and vegetables have a limited shelf life, especially when these products are already ripe or damaged. Furthermore the shelf life can be shortened by storage, transportation and handling the products in general. The use of AquanoxX® prevents the fungus and germs to spread in the rinse water. Besides the shelf life of the products can be prolonged to some days without any negative influence on the customers health.

Plant nursery: before sowing, the seeds can be dipped into an AnquanoxX® dissolution to prevent damage by micro-organism, like fungus. The vegetation on the field can be sprayed with rinse water containing AquanoxX®, also to prevent damage by fungus and other micro-organism. Even after grubbing, products (like flower bulbs) can be washed in rinse water containing AquanoxX®. It is cost-effective this way and relieving to the environment. It also prevents people from contact with harmfull fungus.

Poultry & stock farming: stables and cattle can be disinfected with AquanoxX® dissolution to prevent diseases from spreading. Especially when cattle come in contact with equipment like milking equipment, where irritation to the skin could be an issue. In the poultry industry salmonella is a big concern. Carcasses and eggs can be washed in AquanoxX®. CaruxX® can be used by dipping poultry to ease the feather stripping.

Dairy industry: AquanoxX® and CaruxX® can be applied for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. AquanoxX® can also be used for sterilisation of packing material without the risk of leaving traces.

Cleaning and preserving fish: by adding AquanoxX® into the rinse water to wash the fish, it will prevent contamination or spreading of germs in the water and demolish organic matter like blood. Therefore the water stays cleaner and less polluted rinse water will return into the environment. Applying AquanoxX® to ice it can be used to preserve the fish during transportation or display (shop showcase), so the fish remains fresh for a longer period.

Crustacean & fish farming: curstacean, like shrimp and mussels, often are breaded in an monocultural environment, which increases the chance for diseases. Instead of adding antibiotics (for example) AquanoxX®, added to the ponds, prevents these diseases from growing en spreading. The water also stays clear from algea.

Other applications: in general these dissolutions can be applied where ever there are micro-organism, viruses, bacteria, fungi and algea to be demolished. Therefore these dissolutions have many advantages applied to products in any type of industry in need of any kind of water treatment.

Maintenance and operation costs are low and (often very expensive) chemicals can be replaced. Therefore the total industrial overhead costs can be decreased. Also there are no special reprecautions required when coming in contact with the dissolutions, because the lack of men made chemicals. It is safe for men and earth.


AquanoxX® and CaruxX® are meta-stable and return to their original state after only 48 hours when contacted with fresh air. Cool and dark conservarion will extend the preservability. Freezing is possible when defrosting takes place gradually in a natural way.